Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder for Your Needs

Why would the coffee grinder even matter?

While the more significant concern is naturally on the final production, a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, it is easy to overlook each step in the process that leads to perfection. The cup of coffee you enjoy in the morning begins with the coffee beans, and without a good grinder, they are pretty useless.

If you are not especially picky about the beans you buy and not the most discerning coffee drinker, the grind you choose won’t matter much. But, once you start to discern the quality of a brew by the flavor, body and robust overtones, you will begin to realize that a good bean deserves a better grind.

This will bring you to a selection of two very different types of grinder: The Burr and the Blade.

What’s the difference between a burr grinder and blade grinder?

The blade grinder is the more common of the two. You have probably seen this type plenty of times and was made popular about 20 to 30 years ago. This one operates like a propeller on an electric motor that will spin and to crush the beans into a fine grind.

The burr grinder is a little different. You’ve seen this type to probably on display at a fashionable, upscale coffee shop or possibly in grandma’s kitchen. This one applies to abrasive wheels like cogs that crush the beans a few at a time.

There are then several types of the burr grinder. The conical and flat burr options are the most common, but all accomplish the same purpose, grinding down the beans to something that can be properly percolated. The size of the grinds can be different depending on the design of the grinder, and some are better suited to the espresso method of coffee preparation.

Most coffee aficionados prefer the burr style coffee grinder over the alternative bladed variety. This is because a uniform rind will produce a more balanced flavor array. It is fairly easy to achieve a uniform grind size with the burr style grinder. The bladed grinder tends to require some skills to get right.

If you have a good setup including a French Press and have invested in top-quality beans, you will receive an improved experience by carefully passing your beans through the burr grinder moments before drinking.

So what kind of grinder should you get?

Here the choice is yours. Blade grinders are a cost-effective and time conscious way to get a good brew in just a few minutes, the best option for the caffeine-infused modern professional. But as your tastes in coffee begin to mature, you will be happy to have a burr grinder support, for the weekends when you have the time to spend that extra few minutes in making your cup of coffee something sublime.

If you are using the bladed variety no problem, just be sure to grind them with a pulse action rather than gunning the blades till your beans are nothing but dust. Get a better service visit